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Shannon’s In Home Newborn Session was perfect! I’ve been working with this family since before they had their first child. I photographed countless sessions with them and they are always such a joy to work with.


Earlier this year we photographed her maternity session, when this beautiful angel was still in her belly, waiting to be born (see story here). Shannon shares a similar story to mine, where although she has two beautiful children here on Earth, her arms are missing a little one. We connect with each other in so many ways.

During her consultation, we decided to do these images in her home, as leaving the house with not just a newborn but a toddler too can be a challenge. Her home is gorgeous and had just enough space to set everything up. I often joke with my clients that it looks like I’m moving in when we set up an in home newborn session. But I always promise to move right back out when we are done.

We decided to work with some soft greens and a touch of pink, to match their home but show off their little girl. I recently purchased new props and was excited to use them for their darling daughter.

Audrey fell asleep not long after I wrapped her.

I always like to photograph the most important images first and all images that any other children will be in. This lets the kids be kids and play as soon as their part is complete. It can help to prevent tears and keeps everyone happy, including dad!

Shannon and Bryan fell right into sync, having worked with me before they already remembered how to pose to look nice and Ben was more than excited to jump right in and show off his new baby sister. Still being new to this role, Ben adored being a big brother and giving his little sister kisses.

Getting to play with Dad was one of the highlights of this session.

Bryan knew just how to get Ben’s personality out of him and some amazing images came out of it. I loved seeing how they truly interact at home, it was like a window into their lives. For a minute it wasn’t about sitting still for the camera, it was about capturing their relationship and the fun they have together.


Her sister and her two children live close by, and we thought it would be fun to capture all the kids together. Everyone knew it wasn’t an easy task, as they are all still quite young, but we knew it would be fun to try. They wore special shirts for the occasion and sat as still as toddlers and young kids are able to!

I loved the outcome. Each kid doing their own thing in their own way. Trying to smile together but be the star of the show and ready to get up and run around together too. Showing off their personality with each click of my camera (and yes there were MANY clicks).

The new props worked great and made a perfect addition to the session.

They ended up with a gorgeous Photo Book that we added a few maternity images in to tell the whole story of Audrey’s birth. We joked that we may have to make one for her brother now too, since this is a new product I didn’t have when he was newborn.

I’m already excited thinking about the future sessions we will have together. It is summer now, but before you know it she will be 6 months, and time to show off how much she’s grown and learned! I can’t wait 😊

Meet Amy

Amy Pazur is the owner and photographer at Moments & Co. Her main goal is taking care of others and she now does so through photography.

She wants to provide art for you home, not a snapshot that rots on your USB, never to be seen again. Amy’s mission is to provide you with an experience to remember and images that last a lifetime.


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