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How to prepare for your newborn photos

Newborn in a Basket surrounded by Flowers all Wrapped up in Sarver

Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer HOW TO PREPARE FOR YOUR NEWBORN PHOTOS Oh, what a wonderful and amazing thing it is! To hold a tiny, little baby in your arms after you’ve carried them for 9 months. You do not want to forget what this feels like, and what better way to capture that feeling that with […]

In home newborn baby boy session

Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer IN HOME NEWBORN BABY BOY SESSION I was absolutely thrilled when I received the call for newborn photos from Sara. A long time client of mine referred her to me. Therefore, I knew how wonderful it would be to work with her and her family. Ever more exciting, she decided to do […]

Continuing to stay busy while social distancing

Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer CONTINUING TO STAY BUSY WHILE SOCIAL DISTANCING Continuing to stay busy while social distancing is rough! In case you missed it, this is my second blog post on social distancing. I know we are all suffering during this time of quarantine, but it is for our best so we must do what we […]

Custom Illustrations for Mother’s Day

Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer CUSTOM ILLUSTRATIONS FOR MOTHER’S DAY Are you starting to wonder what to get your mom for Mother’s Day? I have the perfect gift for you – Custom Illustrations for Mother’s Day.   You do not need to leave the house, go shopping, or worry that she will like your gift. I create […]

How to empathize and communicate with your spouse

Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer HOW TO EMPATHIZE AND COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR SPOUSE I’m switching gears today to bring you “How to Empathize and Communicate with Your Spouse” by Katie Haahr. She teaches women in their 20’s practical life skills and mindset. In these times, I thought this would be a great topic to cover and help us […]

Newborn Model Call In North Huntingdon

Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer NEWBORN MODEL CALL IN NORTH HUNTINGDON I am currently hosting a newborn model call in North Huntingdon and still have slots available. Last month I traveled cross-country to study with an award winning newborn photographer and now I am honing those skills. This year is a year of growth for me and my business. […]

Why Will My Baby Not Sleep?

Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer WHY WILL MY BABY NOT SLEEP? Ever wonder “why will my baby not sleep?” It is often one of the biggest struggles we suffer from as parents. So I’ve asked an expert for one tip to help! Are you a tired Mom? Possibly at your wit’s end and will do anything to […]

Baby Born into a Pandemic

Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer BABY BORN INTO A PANDEMIC NO ONE WOULD HAVE GUESSED THAT THEY’D HAVE A BABY BORN INTO A PANDEMIC THIS YEAR. But low and behold, this year I photographed a two month old newborn session after lockdown. Because of the Covid Pandemic, this year looked different for many women having babies. Many […]

We All Need A Mindset Shift

Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer WE ALL NEED A MINDSET SHIFT As I sit here feeling so overwhelmed I could cry, a mindset thought came to me (still working on the shift). It was so strong that I felt the need to get up and go to my other computer and type this out to you (and even make […]

North Huntingdon Newborn In Home Session

Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer NORTH HUNTINGDON NEWBORN IN HOME SESSION When asked to do this North Huntingdon Newborn In Home Session, I grinned ear to ear. I photographed this family’s first child. I felt honored to be asked to photograph their second as well. PHOTOGRAPHING A TODDLER AND A NEWBORN TOGETHER ALWAYS PRESENTS CHALLENGES. Namely time. […]