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Moments & Co. first Open House was held at the end of May 2021 and was so much fun. With the release of the new name and the new studio, it seemed fitting to welcome everyone in to see what has changed and get to know me and my business a little better.

I made a day of it, starting out at 10am and running till 3pm.

There was a lot of planning and prepping to make for a great event. I didn’t want you to be bored, or think it was just a way to talk you into the studio. I wanted you to have fun, bring your kids, get some photos, and all-in-all have a great time.

In the driveway, under the tent, I created 4th of July themed Chalk Art, where I took your child’s images in fun poses on the ground with fireworks, funny hats, and more! There were donuts and beverages to enjoy as you walked through the studio. And even a fun scavenger hunt to enter to win a contest.

The scavenger hunt created a way for you to look for fun things to take pictures of.

Some of the items listed were people doing funny things. Others were things you could find outside. But most were easy for you and your kids to create a fun adventure. By turning it in in-person, you earned two chances to win a free in-studio portrait session. Or, by turning it in online, you earned one.


A local organization that gives back to the community in a beautiful way, Zachary’s Mission holds a special place in my heart. I’ve worked with them a few times, bringing families their baby’s very first Valentine’s day photos, as they stay in the hospital with their child because their baby cannot come home yet.

Zachary’s Mission supports families whose children have been hospitalized and are in need of the essentials. Zack Packs, bookbags packed by hand by the organization, include everything the parents need for their stay in the hospital with their child. From socks to shampoo, if you need it, its in there! I’ve personally connected with a mom who found their Zack Packs extremely helpful while her child, born early, was in the NICU. See this post for her story.

After your free chalk art images, you were welcomed into the studio for a tour, a show of the new products, and an offer to book a 2021 in-studio session for half off! Moments & Co. does not hold sales often, so this was a perfect opportunity, especially for those that missed out on a session last year because of the pandemic.

I so enjoyed creating this fun event for you and hope you got to see a little more of the business.

My main goal was to show you the amazing changes I’ve made to bring you an even greater service than before. I love getting to talk to my clients, and getting to know their stories. To help them to remember the best times of their lives. Its more than just a few pictures to me. I want to create an experience you’ll love. Where you look back at the images and remember what fun you had and the personality of your child at that age.


Now more than ever we see how important it is to remember the good times. We never know when someone’s time is up. And how quickly we forget that face your child made when they were 3. Or their favorite stuffed animal that they took EVERYWHERE. We always think we’ll remember it all, but our memories aren’t perfect and those moments are sometimes so fleeting.

So if you didn’t make it to the open house, call me up to schedule your own personal consultation. I’d love to tell you more about how I make the process fun and easy. That I give you something tangible that you can enjoy everyday. It is important that you don’t lose those important memories that get stuck on your phone or on that computer that you forgot the password to. Contact me now and I’ll get you in the studio ASAP.

Meet Amy

Amy Pazur is the owner and photographer at Moments & Co. Her main goal is taking care of others and she now does so through photography.

She wants to provide art for you home, not a snapshot that rots on your USB, never to be seen again. Amy’s mission is to provide you with an experience to remember and images that last a lifetime.


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