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How to choose outfits for family pictures is incredibly difficult. It is something I learned from getting our own family photos done recently (that’s right, I paid another photographer so I could be in the pictures too!) And deciding what to wear was very stressful.

It is hard enough finding something nice as well as comfortable. But add something that is flattering, slimming, and matches the rest of the family and all of a sudden I am losing sleep! So to make your life easier, here are some tips I learned myself that kept me sane (at least till the shoot)

1. Check the weather

You don’t want to wear long sleeves in the middle of Summer. And a jacket makes more sense for fall. It is a simple and obvious tips, I know, but it can eliminate half of your closet before you even start looking. Now that is sure to help you choose outfits for family pictures.

2. Choose the kids clothes first

Normally, their closet is more limited than yours, and often consists of more colors. By starting with their clothes, you can eliminate colors that you and your partner do not have (or may be too bright for photos). Then, finding outfits that the kids look nice and similar in becomes easier. They don’t have to match, but similar types (long sleeve and pants versus t-shirts and shorts) and colors will keep everyone looing cohesive.

3. Steer clear of patterns and graphics

Patterns clash easily. Graphics pull your eyes to focus on your clothes instead of your face. Since the idea of family pictures is to draw attention to your faces and the connection between family members, choosing plain clothes is best.

4. Choose something you are comfortable in

We all have a tendency to want to wear that beautiful dress we stashed away in our closet. You know, the one that drives you nuts 10 minutes into wearing it because the sleeves won’t stay up and it creeps up in places no one should see. So leave it at home! If you aren’t comfortable in your outfit it will show in your expressions. Instead, choose something flattering, but comfortable. Something you won’t fuss over and makes you feel confident.

5. Don’t forget about your shoes

I’m always so worried about picking out my shirt that I forget about finding shoes to match. Again, go for comfort. But, make sure they are in good shape, clean, and match what you are wearing. And match for style, not just color. Don’t pair a nice summer dress with your running shoes! But don’t wear heels so high you’ll get a blister 5 minutes into the session and risk falling up the stairs.


Overall, you want to pick a wardrobe that matches in color, doesn’t draw attention away from your faces, and that you are generally comfortable in. And if you are still struggling, ask your photographer for help! They have an eye for what will work in your family photos.

Lastly, if you’re planning fall photos, it is filling up fast so contact me now to book before my weekends are gone!

Meet Amy

Amy Pazur is the owner and photographer at Moments & Co. Her main goal is taking care of others and she now does so through photography.

She wants to provide art for you home, not a snapshot that rots on your USB, never to be seen again. Amy’s mission is to provide you with an experience to remember and images that last a lifetime.


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