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Fighting Back Against RSV in Kids!

Fighting Back Against RSV in Kids! Winter is here and that means colder weather, holiday spirit, warm sweaters… and germs! That’s right! It’s that time of year when more and more people are coming down with colds and other viral illnesses.   Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) is just one of those nasty bugs lurking within […]

How to prepare for your newborn photos

Newborn in a Basket surrounded by Flowers all Wrapped up in Sarver

Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer HOW TO PREPARE FOR YOUR NEWBORN PHOTOS Oh, what a wonderful and amazing thing it is! To hold a tiny, little baby in your arms after you’ve carried them for 9 months. You do not want to forget what this feels like, and what better way to capture that feeling that with […]

Megan’s Christmas photo session

Pitssburgh Maternity Photography MEGAN’S CHRISTMAS PHOTO SESSION When I pulled up to Megan’s house to take, what was now very late, Christmas photos, I was expecting to take pictures for her, her husband, and her daughter. Little did I know… she was expecting! She was my first session this year. I was so excited to […]

Easter mini sessions

Mini Sessions EASTER MINI SESSIONS This year I offered my clients mini sessions for the very first time! It was so exciting to give my clients something new that I wanted to jump out of my skin. Since I never offered mini sessions before, I was incredibly nervous. To prepare, I did my research, even […]

Children’s hospital camp Wakchazi for bereaved siblings

Volunteer CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL CAMP WAKCHAZI FOR BEREAVED SIBLINGS Today I had the honor of photographing for Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. Their Supportive Care Team created a camp for children dealing with the grief of losing a sibling. This camp is called Camp Wakchazi and lasts for an entire week! As most of you know, this idea […]

In home newborn baby boy session

Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer IN HOME NEWBORN BABY BOY SESSION I was absolutely thrilled when I received the call for newborn photos from Sara. A long time client of mine referred her to me. Therefore, I knew how wonderful it would be to work with her and her family. Ever more exciting, she decided to do […]

5 Tips for your pregnancy

Pregnancy Tips 5 TIPS FOR YOUR PREGNANCY Now that you are pregnant I’m sure everyone and their mother (and your mother and your mother-in-law too) have tips for your pregnancy and advice to share with you! While I won’t go too far, nor am I a doctor, I do know some standard things to remember: […]

Nesting during pregnancy – The urge is real

Pregnancy Tips NESTING DURING PREGNANCY – THE URGE IS REAL Have you felt the urge to start nesting during pregnancy? You heard people talk about it, ask you about it, and even tell you their own stories. What has it been like for you? First off, let me say that nesting during pregnancy is real! […]

Staying busy following social distancing

Twin Newborn Photography STAYING BUSY FOLLOWING SOCIAL DISTANCING Having trouble staying busy following Social Distancing rules? I know how hard this time is for all of us. With that said, I am working to put together some tips to stay busy and happy but doing so safely. Social distancing is keeping us at home for […]

Continuing to stay busy while social distancing

Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer CONTINUING TO STAY BUSY WHILE SOCIAL DISTANCING Continuing to stay busy while social distancing is rough! In case you missed it, this is my second blog post on social distancing. I know we are all suffering during this time of quarantine, but it is for our best so we must do what we […]